The first Blockchain Collective Artwork

What is NETART?

NETART is the first collective distributed and self-certified artwork, based on the blockchain technology.

How could we say that NETART is an artwork?

NETART is a unique project because it does not use blockchain technology to validate an external work of art, but the meaning of artwork is included in the blockchain itself.

It’s a work of art because it is composed of artists, collectors, experts and other people that participate in the artistic world.

It’s a work of art in perpetual becoming that preserves all the immutable steps that lead to its constant self-realization.

It is an artwork that, although based on a virtual technology, has a close connection with the real world: every physical "node" in the network (a PC, a server, an entire rack in a datacenter), is in fact customized by the intervention of one of the involved artists.

In summary, NETART is an immense "network of art", made of tangible works, distributed throughout the world and connected with each other, that generates – through the blockchain technology - a new and global work of art, with all the documentation concerning it.

Who’s behind NETART?

The NETART project stems from the idea of a group of artists and Street Artists, including Andrea Ravo Mattoni, Bault, Monkey Bird, Madame, OZMO, Serena Maisto, Raul 33, Nevercrew, and was developed with the indispensable technological consultancy of the Swiss company, the support of the art galleries Artrust (Switzerland) and Artistik Rezo (France) and the Director of Education and Training Department at the Musée du Louvre Cyrille Gouyette.

Since NETART will be developed on a democratic, free and open basis, the founders - in addition to the merit of having launched the project - will have no priority, nor greater decision-making power, than the other components of the community that will join later.


I am an ARTIST, how can I join NETART and collaborate on its implementation?
  • In order to participate to NETART as an artist, you have to submit your application, with a resume and a portfolio and send the documentation by e-mail to artist @
  • When the application will be accepted by the majority of the primary nodes of the blockchain, the artist can customize his "node", turning his device connected to the blockchain into a unique work of art.
I am a COLLECTOR, can I buy NETART or one of its parts?
  • Not at the moment. No part of NETART is for sale right now. However, custom devices will soon be available on this platform with numbered reproductions of the artworks of the artists who are already part of the project. These devices can connect to the blockchain as secondary nodes.
I am an art LOVER, how can I join this community?

Map of the project participants

In the following map you will find live all people participating in the project and all active Blockchain nodes.
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Users registered to the project: 8

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What is a blockchain?

A blockchain is a shared and immutable “ledger”, in which everything is recorded in blocks that cannot be altered, and each passage is validated by every participant (or "node") of the chain.
It’s a computer technology used above all in the financial and production process management, due to its clarity, transparency and security.

Even the art market has been immediately involved, not only for the economic transactions but also for the certificates of authenticity of the artworks.

Why will the project be presented at Urban Art Fair?

NETART has been promoted by artists who recognize themselves or operate in the context of urban art.

The project was born in the context of Street Art precisely because of its democratic community, open to everyone.

Exactly like a mural on the facade of a building, NETART also wants to reach as many people as possible, without any kind of distinction, establishing a dialogue with them.